The best places to buy samples in 2018

Buying sample packs should be common.

You have to deal with it.

As the time goes by, the quality of free samples improves. However if you consider paid sample packs(for example ambient sample pack), you will see that their quality improves even faster and the price lowers.

Why is that?

It is because of bigger crowd in sample creating business. The more people start making sample packs, the wider is the choice. Since that, the price gets lower. On the other hand the free sample packs are often demo versions of several sample shops capabilities.

If you want your sound to be more unique

You have to however watch out for overused free samples directories and if you want to become PRO, you will have to spend some money eventually.

Let’s summarize

All this leads to one conclusion: where to find the best sample packs? The answer I found, you can read on this blog post. You really should.